13 Best Time Management Apps To Work Smarter in 2022

Be Focused Timer

Staying on track and completing tasks on time is a real challenge for our screen-bound generation. Be Focused is a great time management app that breaks up individual tasks among discrete intervals and separates them into short breaks. Be Focussed is an effective app to retain motivation and focus so as to work smarter and save time.

Best Features:

“I love using this app. This app helps remind me to take a break. I set it to do 20-minute blocks with five-minute breaks after each block and a long 15-minute break after four blocks. I get up and move around during each break. It’s easy to lose track of time but this app fixes that issue. I also love that it tracks everything so I’m able to see how productive I’ve been at the end of the day.” – Just Use App

Best free time management apps

1. Evernote

Notes, memos, images, checklists… you name it, Evernote will not only store it but make it easily accessible via search using optical character recognition (OCR). Still a fan of pencil and paper? Snap a pic of your handwritten note and store it in Evernote for easy access and distribution.

2. Grammarly

If you’re anything like me, you read your emails three to four times before hitting “Send,” then you don’t read them again for fear that you missed an obvious typo. Grammarly addresses that worry by acting as a second pair of eyes on your writing. Pointing out everything from misused to overused words, this free app does all the grammar policing for you, so you can focus on the work that matters.

3. RescueTime

We waste a lot of time on the internet. This free time management app tells you exactly where you’re spending your time and how much you’re actually wasting, so you can find a healthy balance of productivity and relaxation. Receive detailed reports of time spent on certain websites, log accomplishments and completed tasks, and find out how much time you’re spending in meetings and on email to manage your workday better.

4. Pocket

How many times a day do you stop what you’re doing to read an interesting article or watch a funny video someone sent you? If this is stifling your productivity, try Pocket. This productivity management app keeps the momentum going by allowing you to bookmark articles for later. Then, when you get all your work out of the way, there’s no shortage of captivating content to read.

Why not just use your phone as a digital planner?

“I don’t necessarily think a planner is for everybody, just like any particular productivity hack or tool,” Cavoulacos said. There are plenty of people who prefer to keep their calendars and notes strictly digital, and getting a paper planner might not make sense for them.

If you’re on the fence, she suggests asking yourself what’s attractive about a paper planner. “I think for a lot of people it’s slowing down, right?” Cavoulacos said. “It’s like the lack of distraction. It’s the moments to think, to cross things off — the satisfaction of crossing things off.”

For Crown, it’s more personal than a phone calendar. “It’s your life in a book,” he said. “[By] the end of the year, you have this book that was like, this is what I did. That’s something that the phone doesn’t do that well.”



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