• How can you make a contribution to society besides your job?

    How can you make a contribution to society besides your job?

    There are many people who think of making a difference in the world but do not know where or how to begin. We often look at our jobs as the easier and most direct way of making a contribution, yet there are several simple and powerful ways to add value to society. And because of this constant reflection on how to be a better human being, it is possible to notice both individual and collective initiatives for social actions, care for the environment and other meaningful causes increasing. Besides regular individuals, companies and third sector organizations have also been contributing a lot to improvements in society – which is a…

  • Stress Proliferation

    Stress Proliferation

    Stress proliferation is the process by which stress is expanded by other factors that make an individual to develop other types of stress other than the one that they developed initially. As a result of this, people that produce such types of stressors become enmeshed in many other stressors that make them miserable. Different studies conducted on some stressors can help identify stress proliferation. Stress proliferation can be caused by some factors including; divorce, the death of a loved one or financial constraints. If stressors are not managed properly, they can lead to the development of other strains that affect the individual emotionally and even socially. Further, they can also…