Bloggers Recommend: How to Deal With Rude Comments

Bloggers spend most of their time on the World Wide Web working on their content, monitoring the number of followers and crafting new ways to market their content. They interact with several people, the majority are supportive, and a handful can be very troublesome.  Harsh critical comments including the comments on your personal life should always be welcome on your blog. According to Pratik Dholakiya in his article on conversion optimization, a stream of positive comments seem fake.

Create an open platform where the audience can openly express their views without being censored. However, do not allow an open platform for all with no regulation, it is bad for your blog. Overly negative comments can result in lousy reputation or an ugly low-quality exchange that will cost you some of your loyal customers. How then do you regulate negative or rude comments?

1. IncorporateaBlog Comment Policy

Useful tools for bloggers as it set the boundaries on what type of comments are inappropriate. Below are a few policy features that that will help you in keeping the blog comments on track.

  • No room for spam, use spam filters to prevent any content that has a spam
  • There is no foul language; you do not want your readers throwing around curse words.
  • No provocation comments. The comment section is used to express the readers view towards the blog content and not a place to pick up a fight among the readers. If you cannot say anything helpful in the comment section, then do not say anything, vent somewhere else.
  • Do not allow anonymous comments; the commenter should own up their own words.
  • No blog posts. Do not publish your blogs in the comment section
  • No embedded links to another site.

Andy Beal picked up a trick where other bloggers would use anchor texts and keywords in the commenter name to boost their web rankings. As a blogger do not allow outsiders to give their sales pitch or leave affiliate links on the comment section.

A comment policy is a sure method of taming the individuals who are obnoxious. The quiet readers will enjoy reading your comments because they love a classified comment section and it also helps you the blogger to be in more control of your actions.  You do not delete all the unfriendly comments due to an emotional outburst.

2. AvoidConfrontational Commenting

When you confront a rude reader, you reduce your loyal audience and the blogs conversion rate. What then should you do when faced with a critical comment about the website or product?

  • We all have differing opinions, validate that you understand their point and try to explain why you disagree with their point. Recognizing opposing viewpoints opens a discussion forum and you might end up learning your opinion is wrong.
  • Do not fantasize of defensive comments. When you anticipate for conflict, you will trigger a confrontation when someone leaves a differing comment.
  • There is no room for profanity. It is okay for the owner of the blog to be criticized because it is their blog; however, there should be no personal attacks directed toward other commenters.

3. DeleteandBlock Rude Commenters

Make an effort to keep the comments positive and civilized. Do not hesitate to block the haters or delete an offensive comment. Follow Lauren Conrad’s motto of if a person has nothing nice to say, they should not follow the blog, and as long as you make an effort to avoid confrontations with the commenters, the followers should make a deliberate attempt to keep the conversation positive.

4. CommentWithPositive Comments

Do not let yourself to sink to the low levels of being disrespectful and losing your cool.  Approach the conflict in a respectful way. What makes the client so rude, is it their nature or they have valid reasons? Try to thank them for taking the initiative to read and comment and seek to clarify your understanding of their comments. Chances are you missing the point, and the comments can be offering great advice.

Respond to some of the rude comments with humor. Use of humor and light comment may draw you closer to the readers and in so eliminating the trolls. Keep the humorous remarks short and do not sway from your brand.

5. AcceptCriticism

Humans will not recall the time you made a mistake, accepted the fault and apologized. People will dwell on that time you were in the wrong and spent the next few weeks resisting and trying to cover up your mistakes. It is humiliating to accept a mistake, and the humiliation will not be the end of your world.


As I conclude, one rude comment in a pool of positive and uplifting comments will spoil your mood. Comments can be devastating but learn survival tactics.