• Essay Writing Motivation

    Essay Writing Motivation

      Writing can be extremely gratifying. However, it is not always easy to find the necessary motivation to start writing. There are also moments when your mind goes blank or you simply burn out. In such moments, finding the necessary motivation to keep writing and finalize your essays, becomes almost impossible. Knowing how to keep motivation levels high under such circumstances, can be often times a huge relief. This article will show which are the most efficient methods to use when you lose the motivation for essay writing. How to Keep Essay Writing Motivation Keep reminding yourself of the reason you are writing Why did you choose to become a…

  • Bloggers Recommend: How to Deal With Rude Comments

    Bloggers Recommend: How to Deal With Rude Comments

    Bloggers spend most of their time on the World Wide Web working on their content, monitoring the number of followers and crafting new ways to market their content. They interact with several people, the majority are supportive, and a handful can be very troublesome.  Harsh critical comments including the comments on your personal life should always be welcome on your blog. According to Pratik Dholakiya in his article on conversion optimization, a stream of positive comments seem fake. Create an open platform where the audience can openly express their views without being censored. However, do not allow an open platform for all with no regulation, it is bad for your…