Essay Writing Motivation


Writing can be extremely gratifying. However, it is not always easy to find the necessary motivation to start writing. There are also moments when your mind goes blank or you simply burn out. In such moments, finding the necessary motivation to keep writing and finalize your essays, becomes almost impossible. Knowing how to keep motivation levels high under such circumstances, can be often times a huge relief. This article will show which are the most efficient methods to use when you lose the motivation for essay writing.

How to Keep Essay Writing Motivation

  1. Keep reminding yourself of the reason you are writing

Why did you choose to become a writer? You are writing because you like, and you are very good at what you do. You don’t write essays because other people tell you to. You write because you genuinely enjoy it and you find satisfaction once an essay is complete. So, whenever you feel you lack the motivation for essay writing, you should remind yourself why you chose that topic and what is the value you will get from writing. Once you will re-discover the why behind writing, you will instantly feel how motivation knocks on your door and nothing will seem complicated anymore.

  1. Break your work into smaller milestones

When you receive a big writing assignment, you might feel overwhelmed. What is more, this type of assignments usually come with a lot of requirements, which will add even more pressure on your shoulders. “When you have a 2000+ words essay to write, you will feel like you are in front of a sea that you need to cross. Thus, one of the most effective solutions most writers try is to break the essay into smaller pieces and establish clear deadlines for each of them. This is how they will be able to finish the essay on time and have a constant motivation for writing”, says Jerome Mathias, CEO at Trust My Paper. It is very important to establish a daily goal and commit to it no matter what. Thus, you won’t have any delays and you will have a clear structure for your essay.

  1. Find the right place to write

There are many writers who find motivation only in specific places. Moreover, when you are a writer, it is easy to get distracted. Especially when you feel that motivation is leaving you, finding the right place is crucial. Decide first if you will feel motivated and inspired in a place at home or you need to go outside to feel prepared for writing. Once you have received the answer to this question, it will become very easy to accommodate the right place where you will fill yourself with energy and find the necessary motivation to write.

  1. Take breaks

Even though the deadlines are pressing, you should always remember that you are not a robot. Your mind needs regular breaks and so does your body. You cannot spend the entire day on a chair in front of your laptop and write. Your body will start giving you signals that it needs a break and so will do your brain. Therefore, if you want to be constantly motivated, you should organize your schedule in such a way so that you take regular breaks. Moreover, you can have two types of breaks. For example, you can have shorter breaks every hour, and you can also have bigger ones once or twice a day.

  1. Reward yourself

Writing doesn’t come easy. Especially after a busy period, your mind will start craving for rewards. Especially when you feel that you lack motivation, this is the moment when you can try a reward. Whether you call it a bonus or a gift, this trick will keep you motivated to keep writing. Thus, whenever you feel that you cannot continue with your essay writing, you can think about how nice it will be to reward yourself with something you enjoy once you have accomplished the task.

Finally, you can try any of the tips above and decide which one works the best when you lack essay writing motivation. Moreover, you can also create your own ritual to find the necessary motivation. Either way you choose, it is very important to always remember why you choose essay writing and how good you will feel once the work is done. Nothing compares with the feeling of completing a task and delivering good results.