Events/ Workshops

I want to help every single one of you and having a bunch of blog posts up on my website sometimes won’t be enough. We are all different and, therefore, need different approaches to the issues we have to deal with every day.

Therefore, stop being just a reader and take part in one of the events or workshops I have prepared for you. The first steps to changing your life and getting through its most difficult times are to share your story and let others help you.

  • This Sunday – Story Time: If you want to change your life and get through hard times, you have to start by sharing your story with the community and take note of the advice you are given. The community will sometimes provide you with the best ideas and ways to manage your life – so it would be a shame for you to stand aside and not make yourself heard.
  • This Thursday Emotion Management: One of the first things you have to do before starting to change your life is to manage the emotions that might pin you down, make you feel lonely. I’ll tell you about the emotions and feelings you have to focus on and build up that will eventually make the difference between today and tomorrow.
  • In Two Weeks Workshop: How to deal with the Negative in your life: During this workshop, you will be put against various negative situations that may occur while you are trying to overcome hard times. These situations may be created by friends or family – but that doesn’t matter; what matters is you being able to mitigate them and don’t let them influence your way of thinking. You will also see how the others deal with them, so you might learn a new thing or two.

What are you waiting for? Change is just around the corner – just pick an event, or more, and join us. A new stage of your life is waiting.