• Essay Writing Motivation

    Essay Writing Motivation

      Writing can be extremely gratifying. However, it is not always easy to find the necessary motivation to start writing. There are also moments when your mind goes blank or you simply burn out. In such moments, finding the necessary motivation to keep writing and finalize your essays, becomes almost impossible. Knowing how to keep motivation levels high under such circumstances, can be often times a huge relief. This article will show which are the most efficient methods to use when you lose the motivation for essay writing. How to Keep Essay Writing Motivation Keep reminding yourself of the reason you are writing Why did you choose to become a…

  • Personality


    Personality is defined as a person’s differences that are influenced by the development of an individual. Personality also refers to a combination of qualities that forms a character in an individual. These characteristics include values, behavior, skills, habits, as well as thoughts. The notion of personality has been used to justify what makes people behave in various ways. Individuality comes from the link between ecological and biological factors. Various trait theorists stress on different facets of character and its growth. These methods include psychoanalytic approach, trait theory, and social cognitive approach. Sigmund Freud founded the psychoanalytic approach to personality. According to Freud, the psychoanalytic model of character states that human…

  • Stress Proliferation

    Stress Proliferation

    Stress proliferation is the process by which stress is expanded by other factors that make an individual to develop other types of stress other than the one that they developed initially. As a result of this, people that produce such types of stressors become enmeshed in many other stressors that make them miserable. Different studies conducted on some stressors can help identify stress proliferation. Stress proliferation can be caused by some factors including; divorce, the death of a loved one or financial constraints. If stressors are not managed properly, they can lead to the development of other strains that affect the individual emotionally and even socially. Further, they can also…

  • Examination Stress and Working Memory

    Examination Stress and Working Memory

    The purpose of a study by Ferrer was to determine the efficacy of music therapy in the alleviation of stress responses among college students and to determine how different forms of music influence stress levels among the students. The hypothesis for this study is that music, self-selected by a participant reduce stress levels. The study outcomes reveal that music therapy indicated a statistically significant decrease in the stress levels. At a 95% confidence interval, there were serial decrements in stress levels from 2009 to 2012, demonstrating a statistical decrease in stress responses, following self-selection of the songs by the participants. A similar decrement was observed for instructor-selected songs, although the…