The Secret Success of Bloggers

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The Secret Success of Bloggers

10 Wildly-Successful Blogs That Earn Outlandish Incomes

In an astounding feat of bits and bytes, the internet buzzes with activity, teeming with thousands of terabytes of digitized information flowing every minute. It is a spectacle of data whizzing around the globe, invisible to the naked eye, but conveyed in the digital algorithms and lossless-compression systems that allow us to instantly see, chat and discover the world and communicate with our friends in real-time.

It is a system of machines that stretches across from continent to continent, digitally snaking its way into our phones and lives through some magical ether that not many can digest. Yes, the internet is an enormous, buzzing behemoth filled with mind-boggling, vast amounts of free-flowing data. Amongst that data is information that many of us actively seek on a daily basis, looking to improve our lives by learning new skills or achieving outlandish goals.

Those answers are found amidst the websites that litter the internet, binding themselves to one another through hyperlinks that create a complex and convoluted web, digitally spun from the minds of billions of people across the planet. When you stop to think about it, the sheer amount of websites can also confuse and perplex us. The simple fact is that way back in September of 2014, one billion websites were actively humming on the web. That’s Billion with a capital, B.

Today, nearly 1000 websites are created every single minute of every single day. That’s a vast amount of data in the proverbial cloud. Yet with all of this content floating about the untethered net, the amount of quality-content sites, the type that many people visit on a daily basis, seem few and far between. Great content seems to be more of the exception rather than the norm.

That might be why, today at least, people are acutely aware that having incredible content is something that can’t be overlooked. High-quality content is one of the primary drivers of relevant search traffic, the kind that most digital marketers salivate over. And the simple truth and fact of the matter remains that no website, big or small, can succeed today without great content. Yet, people often overlook this one simple rule.

Blogs offer an avenue for delivering that value to a global audience. They provide a hub for tutorials and walk-throughs, and an avenue for crafting and constructing resources that help individuals that are looking for useful information. Everyone knows that. We are all experts at finding quality resources on the web that deliver real value, thanks in large part to Google.

While there are clearly an endless drove of blogs out there being started on a daily basis, most people who start a blog don’t actually follow through with it. Success in the blogging field requires consistency. And it requires the deliverance of real value constantly. Similar to a great magazine, a lauded newspaper or any other types of media outlet, you have to keep the content machine churning if you want to thrive.

Not everyone gets it. Most that decide to join the fray are enticed by the hype of internet marketers, promising them the sun, moon and the stars, with the ability to earn thousands of dollars per day, virtually overnight, on autopilot. Well, it doesn’t quite work that way. The harsh reality is that most blogs fail to generate even a few dollars in income let alone vast sums of money.

Yet, there are people out there that are making outlandish incomes from their blogs. Their monthly incomes far surpass the annual income of many executive-level employees, leaving most to wonder how they did it. This lucrative field is enticing for a reason, yet it involves an excruciatingly large amount of work for the average person looking to go it alone, so to speak.

However, those that have stuck to it, pursuing their dreams no matter what the costs, are reaping the benefits today. No matter where you look on the internet, no matter what niche you survey, you’ll find these wildly-successful blogs along with the bloggers behind them. We’re talking about windfalls of profits here. Not only do they make money online, but they quite literally rake it in.

So what’s considered an outlandish amount of income? We’re not just talking about a few thousand or even tens of thousands dollars per month here. What I was curious about were those that were soaring to astronomical heights. We’re talking the 7-figure annual earners, those that are pulling in more than $100,000 per month.

If you’ll sit and think about that number for a moment, you’ll realize that not only is this is an enormous figure to be earning on a monthly basis, but you’ll also realize that much of this is actually passive income. And while there are a number of great passive income ideas, blogging truly takes this to dizzying heights.

Why work once and get paid once when you can work once and get paid repeatedly by having a blog that individuals across the planet are constantly accessing? While it’s not easy, it is well worth it. Work hard now, reap the benefits years down the line. Sound good? Of course it does.

What is considered a successful blog-turned-business?

There aren’t many facts and figures by which to gauge what a successful blogger is earning or how their business functions since blogging is a relatively new industry. It’s especially puzzling to people who aren’t online or aware of what bloggers do or how it could be called a business. It’s a new path even to many of us who have been blogging awhile.

Even among bloggers themselves, there is a huge spectrum of what bloggers might consider successful. I think that is partly due to bloggers not really knowing for sure where they fall in relation to others (ignorance can be bliss!), partly due to the lack of reliable statistics and information, and partly perhaps because the blogging experience is not a one-size fits all business model. The success of bloggers in terms of their traffic, their businesses, how much they earn and what opportunities they have currently or plan to have in the years to come is so unique to each blogger.

Some bloggers share numbers and tips, but it’s still not easy to gauge what you could expect financially if you were to start your own blog since every path to a successful blog is so unique. There are some very successful home/lifestyle bloggers who work very hard to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year (and more). They might eventually even need a staff to help them keep up with the growth and opportunities from their blog. But even as they earn more income, bloggers also pay a lot of taxes and have extra expenses associated with running a business and website.

There are also bloggers who feel successful to make $30,000 or $20,000 or $10,000. Potential success isn’t about comparing the numbers to see how much money could be made, there is so much more to it than that. Certainly loving what you do will make a business feel successful to many of us! But yes, if you work at growing your business with the right goals in mind, you can succeed at many points along the way. You get to decide when you feel successful!

The Secret Success of Bloggers

How can you stand out as a blogger in a sea of so many new blogs?

As new bloggers come on the scene or existing bloggers navigate their growth, the question these days is HOW does one stand out in a sea of blogs? While competition is always a good thing in the end, it can also be frustrating and discouraging to keep up in an increasingly competitive field. But instead of comparisons, I think bloggers should focus on creating their own really good blog content while building up other bloggers around them. We don’t really need to compete against each other. Just be the best YOU you can be and succeed at that. As the saying goes, “it’s all been done but not by you.”

While many of us 2007 bloggers began with very little social media tricks available to grow our influence or traffic, today you can get a lot of traffic from Pinterest alone. While Pinterest can bring a lot of page views, it doesn’t necessarily indicate a blogger’s success or influence as a respected brand. Most of us earlier bloggers probably didn’t have fancy cameras or professional looking websites to lure people to our content. But today, it’s almost a necessity to invest in those tools. So how do we stand out beyond having a fancy blog or mastering social media tricks?

Here is how I see it. We probably cannot stand out or survive if we don’t grow as bloggers and keep up with what is new. But at the same time, new and existing bloggers need to remember it isn’t the shiny new things, the often annoying social media tricks or the fancy websites that bring a blogger long term success and a solid reputation. Those tricks and tools may bring big traffic or even name recognition in some blogging circles, but those will only take a blogger so far. You need a bigger vision than what will bring you traffic TODAY.

The Secret Success of Bloggers


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